Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Question

We were 18. Young.
But what does age have to do with it?

We'd been officially dating for 3 months. Friends for 15 years.
But what does history have to do with it?

We were headed in different directions. Me: college in Baton Rouge. Him: everywhere.
But what does location have to do with it?

We had dreams, but not plans. We had potential, but no guarantee.
But what do odds have to do with it?

We had each other. Love. Committment. Fate.
And that has everything to do with it.

It was September 27, 1998. We'd only spoken once in the past 6 weeks. The days were silent, but not empty. Not without words.

The letters. From me. From him. Every day. Sometimes 2 or 3 or 10. But every day. Light, deep, funny, painful, real. Our hearts. In those letters. I found my future in those letters. In that boy.

I was so proud of that boy. Of us. It was his graduation weekend. USAF Basic Training. We sat side by side in church on a hot Sunday morning. Giddy and holding hands. Together. Finally. Words and songs swirled all around us. We could only hear each other. Time stood still. In that moment, that room full of people and families, it was only us. He told me he never wanted us to end. I told him I wanted us forever. Asked when forever would start.

He looked into my eyes. My soul. And whispered "Can forever start now?"

Our engagement day. Before anyone else knew...