Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Baby Austin, 2001

Grown-up Austin, 2011

Dear Austin,

Happy TENTH Birthday! It's been a good year for you so far, I mean besides this and the other time where you almost bled to death from a toenail (claw) cutting session gone awry (your father's fault). The 765,408 bloody pawprint stains on our carpet are a nice complement to the vomit stains, however. Adds character.

This year you're going to be a big brother. In fact you were the first person soul I told that little secret to. Should be quite an adjustment for you, as ANYTHING new or different is an adjustment for you. If I move your food bowl 3 inches to the left, your whole world is thrown off its axis. Having a baby around your house 24/7 will surely confuse you to no end, but I'm confident you'll do ok eventually. You always do.

Tonight, we celebrate you. I'll even let you drink out of the toilet as much as you please.



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